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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan

At The Beauty Lab, we collaborate with our patients to implement dietary and lifestyle changes. What sets our Weight Loss program apart from the rest is that we have our doctor supervise your weight loss journey with us by starting with a comprehensive evaluation of nutritional needs based on the patients health, blood test results, physical examination and dietary history. ​Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan Includes a consultation with Dr. Kern, routine check ups with our weight loss counselor, a low calorie meal plan, as well as B12 injections. We also have a 20 day or 40 day HCG program that has astonishing results.

Be skinny weight loss program:

– Physical exam and blood work
– 4 fat blasting Lipo-B injections a month
– One-on-one nutrition counseling
– Exercise recommendations
– Private weight-ins once a month
-Prescription for Appetite suppressants
*only if you are a candidate

This program will be $199 a month

Do you have a lot to loose but only a short amount of time? Try our fast and effective weight loss diet for 20 days $300 or 40 day weight loss diet for $400.

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