Sculpt yourself CoolSculpting


The CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure is the only FDA cleared non-surgical, fat reducing treatment that eliminates stubborn fatty areas using controlled cooling. CoolSculpting targets fat that resists diet or exercise alone. If you are a suitable candidate, the results can be very visible and lasting. CoolSculpting needs no anaesthesia, no injections and has no downtime. There are many applicators to choose from that can be designed for your journey that can give you your desired results. Here is a list of the areas that can be treated: chin, inner thigh, above the knees, abdomen, lower abdomen, upper flanks (love handles), bra roll, axillary puff, arms and male chest area. Patients report both a very high satisfaction and success rate with CoolSculpting.

Prices range from $800-1600 per treatment